Current: Get Hired Resume Tips

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THANKS to everyone who tuned in for LinkedIn#GetHired Live today with Andrew Seaman — special thanks to Andrew and the crew at LinkedIn! As promised, here are more #resumetips to ensure your resume is “ATS-friendly” >> 

❇️ FILE TYPE: Unless it specifically states that PDFs are accepted, play it safe and submit your resume as a Word document.

❇️ HEADER: Don’t include important information, such as your contact details, in the header or footer sections of a Word document.

❇️ FORMAT: ATS software favors a clear information hierarchy. Format your sub-heads, employer names, employment dates, etc. consistently.

❇️ DESIGN: Less is more when it comes to design. Save the custom fonts and embedded images for your online portfolio, rather than your resume document.

❇️ KEYWORDS: Use a text analyzer to optimize your resume, esp. the skills + work history sections, with relevant keywords found in the job listing that interests you.

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