FROM THE TRENCHES: College Grads Need These Data Science Skills

Reposted from Techopedia Terri Williams | September 4, 2019

Takeaway: The tech world travels at a rapid pace, and even new graduates may not have learned all the skills they need for a career. We review the top skills and discuss how to get them.

Depending on your major, when you graduate from college, you may need to learn additional skills to be more marketable. And, according to LinkedIn, the top three skills that new graduates are learning in the six months following graduation are data visualizationdata modeling and Python.

“In 2020, the world will generate 50 times the amount of data it did in 2011,” according to Derek Steer, CEO of Mode, a data analysis platform. Data processing power is now cheap and accessible to practically any company, and Steer says the real bottleneck is finding people with the right skills. However, companies are expanding the definition of who should have the skills to understand and manipulate data.

“Until recently, the role of predictive analysis fell mostly to experienced, elite data scientists, while natural language processing or creating sophisticated data models was reserved for data professionals  with strong engineering backgrounds,” according to Harry Glaser, president of data business at Sisense, which provides tools to help data professionals build analytic apps. “However, market pressure has forced forward-looking analysis to be a regular part of business operations.”

And Glaser says this requires more advanced skill sets. “That means big changes and new demands, which means understanding more data manipulation languages that are often used for advanced analysis, like Python and R.”

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