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Turning an Internship into a Job

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluating opportunities
  • Taking paid vs. unpaid internships
  • Working with an internship program
  • Tracking your project performance
  • Networking
  • Managing your contacts long term
  • Negotiating a full-time position

Instructor: Valerie Sutton


Internships provide a strong link between academic institutions and the professional world. As an intern, you have the chance to explore, develop skills, build a network, and gain firsthand industry knowledge. And everyone tells you that an internship is the way to a full-time job. But how do you actually do it? Join Valerie Sutton as she explains how to turn an internship into the stepping stone for your career. This course shows how to evaluate an internship to determine whether it provides the skills you need, what you can do on the internship site to increase your value, how to maintain your networks until you’re ready for a full-time position, and finally how to go in for the full-time ask.