WHERE'StheTRENCHThe Trenches signify the “boots on the ground” who are slugging it out on a daily basis to forge careers and make a living. These postings are for all of us and typify the current tone and mores we participate in and sometimes have to work around in the work station, work place,  web and beyond. We are, in the end, even if we sit alone in our apartments in front of a screen all day, working with and for others. Our survival and ultimate measure of success depends not only on our skills, talent and connections but how well we “maneuver” within the rapidly changing system.

ExecutiveWomen2.0, started in the 1990’s as the voice of a fledgling female tech community. Articles about the emergence of women leaders and the up and coming generation of technology innovators caught the attention of Best Universities and the Leadership and Influence Blog plus other Leadership websites. We were honored by them and added to their referral sites.

Today, the Trenches are anywhere and everywhere business is being done. We report and welcome others reports on the situations and circumstances you encounter the surprise, support and even critique and dispute.

This page is a conversation.   From The Trenches is yours join in!