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DM Pointless Overthinking Presents — Reposted from YouTube Oct 31, 2018

Learn how to handle rejection – Video

The above video is about the rejection that can occur in our career path, but I believe that some insights can apply to other aspects of our lives as well.

Rejection sucks because of two different things. First, is the fear of rejection that can stop us from doing what we would like to do. This can be paralyzing sometimes. The second thing is that when we finally manage to go over our fear and to do what we would like to do, we might get rejected. When this happens, we might be determined to never do sh*t like this ever again. So rejection is a barrier before doing things and it can be a great source of negative feelings after doing things.

You’ll see that lots of the people from the video say that in time we get used to it and that it will be better. If we manage to get to that point, I’m sure we’ll see it. It’s like we need a habit of getting rejected so it will be easier, right? The tough part is to get to that point.