EW2.0 Career Advisory

Get The Edge: Define, Articulate, Sell.

Career  Management 
Resume and Personal Branding including :
LinkedIn Profile editing
Job Search
Leadership Advice to help you succeed

We offer: ½ hour free consultation 

Be The Architect of Your Career !

Career Advisory:
ExecutiveWomen2.0 is a down to earth fast track to long term (depending on you) blend of a tried and true program developed by Dr. Chaz Austin, EdD,  a recognized authority in the field of career packaging and marketing. We will train you to shift your thinking about the world of work and how you fit into it.

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What You Can Expect:
Private consultations :
Get – current with your fit in today’s career environment
Get – a path to position you in the new Gig Economy
– presentation & marketing materials
Get – interviewing and resume improvement

Who is it For:
– Recent graduates
– Up your game
– Re-careering

The time we spend will give you a practical approach to succeeding in the  21st Century work world. You’ll learn the strategies you need to define your career goals, find the work you want, and develop a game plan to “keep finding work for the rest of your career”.

To all of our success, Elaine

Reference: “101 Ways to Find Work and Keep Finding Work For the Rest of Your Career