Career Advancement Plans

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Shift what you think is possible:

The time is always now to reassess any situation that fails to bring you career gratification and the salary you need to be happy and prosperous.  The first challenge is to identify and face the “Challenge.”  It may have been elusive or hard to face but the way to best pursue what you really want, the place where you would be happiest and most productive, can be found.  From there you can begin to reorganize and prioritize your work-life goals to match up your desires with today’s opportunities.  We offer
career management, resume and personal branding including Linkedin profile writing, job search and interviewing and leadership advice to help you succeed.

My goal is to help you get there.

Once you have completed and returned your questionnaire, we will assess your present circumstances and determine the best Plan for you. These might include immediate alterations, deletions and additions to your presentation materials such as Resume, Cover Letters, Social Media promotion. Or an entire new way to look at the path ahead.

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Plans include:

Quick Start 1 hour 30 minutes inclusive
What you get : Job search strategy assessment /résumé review: Up to 1 hour Skype or phone call with me.   Up to 30 minute follow up.

cost: $199

Identify and Course Correct – 4 hours inclusive
What you get:  Consulting time on Skype / phone:  assessment / recommendations of immediate alterations, deletions and additions to you presentation materials including resume, cover letter, social media promotion.

cost: $499

Career Reassessment8 weeks inclusive
What you get:  Weekly Skype or phone call. Identifying the “problem”- how you got here and what to do about it. Explore and discover how and where you could be happiest and most productive.  Reorganize, prioritize and design a plan to match your goals with ways that make you more marketable in today’s economy. reWrite your resume to reflect your new goals. Fine tune interviewing skills.

cost: $699

Ongoing Work
What you get:  Semi-Monthly Skype or phone calls. Keeping you on track with your goals.  Crafting a brand statement/identity for ongoing career development. Guide your navigation of your current or  new work environment. Structure ways to measure your achievements. Developing a plan for going forward to the next level of your chosen career path.

cost: $1,000/month

Career Coaching Plans
Quick Start $199.00 USD
Identify&CourseCorrect $499.00 USD
Career Reassessment $699.00 USD
Ongoing Work $1,000.00 USD