Look, Listen, Buy.


There’s so much out there how do you know where to look, who to listen to and what to buy?  I’ve been writing about leadership and women in business since the early 2000’s and know good advice when I see it.

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I am totally sold on this authority’s career development methods and use them in my practice. Sign up at Lynda.com (affiliate of LinkedIn Learning) and get on board with this video tutorial series by “Dr. Chaz” Austin. He is not just a PhD and professor of career development for over a decade but tells it like it is in this ever complex world of work. The skills and tools offered here are worth a lot more than the subscription fee. Here’s the link to your future success!   Dr Chaz Austin

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101 Ways to Find Work …and Keep Finding Work for the Rest of Your Career!

In 101 WAYS TO FIND WORK, career-development specialist Charles Michael Austin offers a common sense, practical approach to succeeding in the twenty-first century work world. You’ll learn the strategies you need to define your career goals, find the work you want, and develop a game plan to keep finding work for the rest of your career.