The Value of Deliberate Creation.

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: that which is like unto itself is drawn

The woman’s job in life is sometimes in direct opposition to what we feel. We sometimes have to go with the needs of others before ourselves, right? Last night on the phone with a friend and colleague in interactive media, I was reminded that, in the service of others, there are characteristics in all of us that we totally forget about or take for granted. Such as, the natural gifts of persuasion, confidence and force of personality. Combine that, in my case, with a talent  for manipulating the English language, and you’ve got everybody’s favorite skill set. 🙂

Ok, so why then are we ineligable for certain jobs? I’ve come the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter. Yah, really.

If you subscribe to the Law Of Attraction and deliberate creation, you come to realize that what you want to how to get it has very little or nothing to do with other people. That is to say, that according to seers like Abraham-Hicks, the Universe is available to pour out our hearts desire…whether we are consiously aware, or as we might say, “doing it on purpose”  ane we are constantly attracting it to us with our thougts, words and actions.

So, the deal is that “without exception, each of us is already attracting to us what we are getting through our thoughts, words and actions”. Once we understand how the Law works, says Abraham, we can use it intentionally to attract what we DO want.”

If, as Emmet Fox says, “we surround ourselves with a picture of our own beliefs”,  the next thing to do is look around and ask ourselves what we see.  Right?