ExecutiveWomen2.0 Goal Sheet Questionnaire

EW2.0LogoCheck 2 or more topics. Please write clearly why you want or need assistance in these areas, for what purpose. Please write in complete sentences.

PLEASE download the form and return by email with your name and contact information.


__Review resume:  For what purpose grad school, employment, internship etc…?


__Review cover letter:  For what purpose fellowship, employment etc…?

__Explore Job shadowing opportunities: Why?


__Explore networking opportunities:  Why?


__Interview coaching: What are your weak areas? Example: hand shaking, answering the question, eye contact, body posture ect…?

__Review interpersonal skills:  What concerns do you have about your ability to interact in a professional setting?


__Explore employment resources:  What resources have you explored already?


__Discuss and create a short term goal of 6 months to 1 year:  Why?


__Discuss and implement time management strategies: Are you over extending yourself or not following through with things, how?


__Discuss barriers:  Are personal issues hindering you from growing professionally? (details are not required)


Do you have a particular industry you want to work in or a specific job title?