“Working with you over the past few months has been a pleasure and an eye-opener. It was a relief to speak with someone about issues that I was uncomfortable discussing without the fear of being judged. It felt safe.
Your energy is contagious and there were times I had “Woah” moments while listening to you draw from your experiences. To listen to you convert mere moments into opportunities is an inspiration and I am working on myself for that.”

Kimaya K, The City Tutors

Elaine Palmer was instrumental in my success in securing multiple projects.  Not only was she a pleasure to work with, she is as committed to my success as I am.

Frank F, EW2.0 Client

Elaine served as my mentor from February 2018 to May 2018, while I was part of City Tutors. She was the most present and involved mentor that I ever had. Through my mentorship with Elaine, I finally learned the power of personal communication and networking, which I have heard of many times before but I have never seen in action.

Jennifer V, Mentee, City Tutors, City College of NY
“She is helpful, charismatic, reliable and is a great leader. I’m glad that I am her mentee.

Sonia M, Mentee, City Tutors, City College of NY 

Elaine helped to bolster my confidence not only in terms of applying for part-time jobs and internships but also in my abilities and skills as a student and person.

Steve P, Client, ExecutiveWomen2.0

“Thanks to Elaine Palmer, what is normally an arduous, stressful process became a stimulating, adventurous and gratifying window of self discovery.”

M&A Advisor, Los Angeles

“I got the file open with some effort, but it finally got onto the screen.This is a great step forward, and gives me a good sales piece plus a template that I’d forgotten about for presenting info. So thanks, very much. Where do I send the check?”

 Engineer/Inventor/Business Tycoon, Boulder CO

“Elaine brings a wealth of mainstream media experience. She is one of the most elegant, gracious and competent people in the biz. She is flexible and daring.”

Joyce S, Web Start-Up Launch Expert

I would recommend Elaine to anyone who wants to succeed!”

 Founder/CEO one of TIME magazine’s winning “Top 50 Websites” web developer –  entrepreneur  

“Whenever I need the kind of advice that cuts right to the spot where the REAL deal hinges, I call Elaine.”

Victoria D, Founder/CEO business consulting and new venture planning firm, Los Angeles

“I recommend Elaine without reservation.”

Lynne W, COO, Los Angeles/ Washington D.C. non-profit

“Elaine brings high standards and high expectations to every project.”

 Chuck SCreative Director, New York advertising agency