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Professional women believe they can “have it all” and attempt to balance rewarding careers with rich, fulfilling personal lives.

How Highly Successful Women Avoid Burnout and Balance it All

Yet, all too often we are falling short of the dream. The result is burnout, living a compromised existence, or stepping back from the success you’ve worked so hard for.

Join corporate executive and well-being expert, Kate Byars, to learn the surprising four strategies every high-achieving woman needs to prioritize health, family, and self without hurting your successful career.

In this webinar, you will learn:
The secret to mentally disconnecting from your work so you can be 100% present at homeHow to prioritize your personal life and be engaged & energized EVEN IF you are working 70+ hours per week

What you can do to successfully CONTROL YOUR WORKLOAD without damaging your reputation

How to stop being a workhorse and start being a high-value influencer

Meet the speaker, Kathleen Byars
Kathleen is a marketing executive and the founder of Corporate Women Unleashed, a well-being company for highly successful women. Her company helps executive women navigate demanding careers without sacrificing their private life. An expert in the habits & mindset that drives high-achievers to excel, Kathleen teaches her clients to create strong boundaries around their personal time and how to protect their well-being, so they don’t burnout. Praised by clients as “more beneficial than an MBA” her company trains over 100 executive women every year how to prioritize their health, their marriage, and their happiness without disrupting their career.

What: How Highly Successful Women Avoid Burnout and Balance it All
Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Time: 1PM ET. Can’t attend the live webinar? No problem!
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