Let’s Talk Accountability

When I was a realtor in Southern California, a career I can’t say too much about since it lasted only 2 unhappy and unprofitable years, I signed up as soon as I could for a course in home-based business management offered by a coach in Los Angeles. He coached realtors mostly but not exclusively. And some of the most successful around too. His methods were sound and his style, while cold and impersonal, was believable and trust-worthy.

My most valuable take-away from the 3 or 4 months that I subscribed to the group meetings, weekend seminars and phone calls was the principal of accountability. We
don’t realize, until we are on the front line of making money every day or else, what we are capable of – and I’m not talking profits, I’m talking procrastination!

So, Steve offered, among other valuable input, the chance to let him know what each of us was doing each week to meet our goals. He printed out goal sheets and had us fill them out and fax them to him every Friday. I hated him for it and loathed doing the filling out and faxing, but did it anyway.

I know that whatever money I did or didn’t make, I was accountable for my actions every day because I knew I couldn’t slide on the report sheet every Friday.

I’ve taken that lesson with me to my new home-based business. I report to my mentor or to myself every day what I did to move closer to my self-proclaimed goals.