My Experience with Direct Marketing

I wrote here about 6 months ago that direct marketing (the umbrella term for individually owned franchise-like sales of products or services) would be the tide that would carry the unemployed by the thousands. I truly thought that in a down market when so many were out of work, entrepreneurship would seduce those who flirted at one time or another with the idea. And so it has. In the morass of companies out to recruit you if you are between engagements, the one I chose seemed to have the most credibility and the best staff and service pack. I believe I am qualified to know this as most direct marketing companies are primarily online now. Some are on TV and most are a combination of TV and online. Therefore, as a somewhat well-heeled Internet marketer of more than 10 years, I had a good feeling for what the company of my choice was offering both in terms of products and sales support.

What I think is key about this kind of decision is hard evidence that the product or service your company of choice is asking you to sell is one an indefinite number of people want. Particularly at a high price point. (over $1,000)