During the ten months of my job search, I was struggling to find my professional presence. Frustrated, angry, stressed and simply dejected by the overall process.  I was getting plenty of interviews, but for some reason, I never made it to the finish line.   There was even a moment where I questioned as to whether or not I have the skills to make it in my industry.  During my tenure at The City Tutors, I met Elaine Morris Palmer back on May 17. I became immediately impressed with her vast career knowledge and her dedication to help individuals succeed in their professions.

I knew that prior to that May meeting, I had to completely tear down and rebuild my strategy from scratch. Thanks to Elaine Morris Palmer, I regained my confidence and capabilities to thrive in the job search. Through coaching, Elaine was instrumental in untapping my potential and formulating a platform to showcase my talents.

We work extensively on revamping my core resume and template to produce a better impact. Elaine and I specifically developed new interview strategies to compliment the positions I applied for.  We also have weekly in-depth video and phone conversation to ensure all goals were on track.   She also recommended courses, affiliations and tips that would help me strengthen my brand.  We even talk extensively about the roadblocks that prevented me from reaching my goals and how to resolve them.

The result was rapid momentum in responses and interviews.  Thanks to her guidance, I was able to secure a full-time position at a nonprofit.  I was able to achieve more with Elaine in the last two months of my search than what I did on my own in eight months.  She has not only become my mentor, but she is my coach.   Highly reliable, strategic and dedicated to her craft in making sure I achieve the ultimate results.  Her insights and opinions are greatly valued.  My entire perception of career has changed through her teachings.  Elaine is a true ally and the sheer amount of time she puts on her behalf is amazing.  I am extremely grateful for her services and will continue to go to her for all of my professional needs.

Yesenia Reinoso

PR & Marketing Consultant & now Communications Manager of Global Kids.