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At These Hotels, Ways to Recharge Your Mind and Your Body

A new generation of hotels invite you to expand your mind with seminars and discussions as well as relax while you travel.

Women business leaders speak up and out

Since 2016 W Hotels has staged over 50 talks around the globe that highlight female entrepreneurs. Titled “What She Said,” the series has been held in predictable locations like New York City and Los Angeles — but also in Amman, Jordan, and Dubai, where gender equality is less pronounced and the topic is more controversial.

“It’s a way people can emotionally connect with our brand and feel more part of it,” said Anthony Ingham, W Hotel Group’s global brand leader.

Hotels are places to sleep, eat, socialize, relax and conduct business, but now properties around the world are taking on new roles as educators, facilitators of learning for both locals and visitors.

To do so, many hotels are turning to creative functions to strengthen their brand. They want consumers to know they can come to them for intelligent, stimulating, or progressive conversation.

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