Career Advancement Tip #4*

Identify the Importance and Meaning of Work

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  1.  Doing productive work puts us into the flow of life.  
  2. How do you identify your own gifts?  You begin by noticing what it is you enjoy. Pick three fields or industries you are interested in, are curious about, or think you might like to work in.  Most importantly, talk to people who work in the field.  Then meet with those people and get the real unvarnished version of what goes on in that industry.
  3. Go in the direction you’re drawn to and don’t worry about whether it’s the “perfect job”.  Whether it is or not, you will eventually move on.
  4. Just get to work!
Read more about this Tip in *101 Ways to Find Work…And Keep Finding Work for the Rest of Your Career!  by “Dr Chaz” Austin
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