FROM THE TRENCHES: Awesome Newsletters

10 Awesome Newsletters You Should Subscribe for Today
by Atiba Shaikh  reposted from Medium October, 2017

Before you say, ‘who wants another email?’, imagine a newsletter that you loved subscribing for. Imagine the newsletter you still look forward to every week.

Such newsletters are rare, but they are still there, waiting for you to find them. To get you started, here’s a list of those rare gems that I’m still subscribed to.

1. Sunday Dispatches by Paul Jarvis: A no nonsense, just-get-to-work kind of advice, by someone who knows what he’s talking about.

2. For The Interested by Josh Spector: One of the few curated newsletters that I am still subscribed to.

3. Hiatus by Rob Howard: A weekly news brief with just the most important news — and NO LINKS!

4. Charged by Owen Williams: A weekly briefing for tech news junkies, again, with only the most important stuff and no noise.

5. Quartz Daily Brief by Quartz: I’ve tried a number of daily briefs newsletters, and the one by Quartz is what I am still subscribed to. Another great recommendation is NextDraft by Dave Pell.

6. Sketchplantations by Jonathan Hey: One unique concept each week, explained with the help of a fun sketch.

7. Letterlist by Marc Eglon: My list leaves out a lot of amazing newsletters that you would love. Where to find them? In this newsletter that lists all the best newsletters out there, in a wide variety of topics.

8. Woolgathering by Mike Sturm: One of those gems that I’m glad to have discovered through Medium.

9. Offscreen Dispatch by Kai Brach: Loving this weekly magazine to discover new apps, online tools, interesting links and podcasts, as well as cool finds in gadgets and gear.

10. Desk of Tobias van Schneider: Another one of those emails that discuss just one idea each week, and discuss it well.

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