The Law of Attraction Conundrum

Today, I find myself working on my Life Path 56 Days to Destiny exercise and realize that there are actually
subconscious thoughts that find their way into conversations you may be having with other people. Such as,
as I speak with someone on the LifePath calls today any doubt I may have about the program we offer, the process
of enrollment, the opportunity, the developmental potential, whatever, can become a thought that vibrates
out of me and insinuates into the situation.  These emotions and thoughts are, so they say, just as creative
as conscious thoughts. So now what? What do I do to dispell the doubt an quit vibrating couter-productively?

Well, the exercise that the Life Path Program offers me goes like this: IF I can pinpoint the doubt by making
notes about it and next to each doubtful comment write the opposite of it, I am actually turning the doubt into
positive thoughts about that thing. This is called “allowing”.

It’s in the acknowledgment and statement of doubt that gives it less power
and opens the opportunity for reversal.