Current: Fighting Inequality With Generosity and Job References

Reposted from the New York Times

Women In Film’s ‘Hire Her Back’ campaign helps working mothers and takes on Hollywood’s boys’ club.

Director Céline Tricart on the set of the WIF PSA Program short film “One Second.”

WHEN THE CORONAVIRUS caused many businesses to hit pause in March 2020, Kirsten Schaffer, the executive director of Women In Film, an organization that advances the careers of women in the screen industries, sent out a survey to find out how WIF members were faring. Some of the answers disturbed her. “The women told us things like, ‘I was just about to start a show that was going to cover my rent for a year, but it was canceled,’” Schaffer recalls. “‘I don’t know how I’m possibly going to go back to work, because I’ve got three kids at home.’ And ‘I don’t know if I’ll even have money for food.’”

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