Published Articles 1998 – 2001

Elaine Palmer is a widely recognized interactive industry commentator and journalist. Her convention coverage, case studies, features and in-depth interviews appear in notable, national and international marketing publications both in print and online., May 9, 2001, “A Perspective From @d:Tech LA”

Advertising conferences may be playing it safe these days but industry reps at this show agreed on at least one thing: Internet advertising works. Defining how it works is the marketer’s choice., May 9, 2001, “Yahoo! & Pepsi’s Fusion Marketing Campaign”

Pepsi believes so strongly in the Internet to reach its market – and in Yahoo! to measure that reach – that it invested more money in the single-serve category than ever before using the Internet as an integral tool., April 30, 2001, “A Case for Betting on Path-Breaking Innovation”. Kraft’s 1995 strategic study to better understand interactive, digital and electronic marketing opened the company’s marketers’ eyes to the power and opportunity the Internet held., April 03, 2001, “Where is the Business of iTV?” Coverage of iMIX Spring, 2001 in Los Angeles., March 22, 2001, “Advertising in a Wireless World”  Now is the time to tread carefully and fully understand the consumers and the direction of advertising on wireless devices, rather than risk falling into the pitfalls that are plaguing today’s online industry., March 12, 2001, “One Partnership Epitomizes the Unplugging of the Internet” Two major high-tech players collaborate to take the future of business to new heights., January 31, 2001,Special Report, NATPE, (National Association of Television Programming  Executives Conference:  “Chasing The Almighty Ad Dollar.”  The advertisers’ dilemma in the age of multiple media.


Television 2.0, (Informa Media Group, U.K.) January, 2001. Wild Western Show For iTV”. The Western Show goes distinctly interactive.


Iconocast, January 25, 2001, Case Study: “Traditional Techniques Boost B2B Business”. addressed the warm fuzzies of their product relationships.

Iconocast, January 18, 2001, “NATPE Welcomes Web Players” Are new interactive platforms around the corner?, December 29, 2000, “B2B Advertising – The Fundamentals Apply”At the Net Market Makers-Ground Zero Conference, the big Agencies discussed the merits of B2B advertising, and debated which approaches create successful branding campaigns.

 Digitrends Ebiz Daily, November 7, 2000, Customer Intelligence: Book e-view: Jay Abraham, America’s #1 Marketing Wizard discusses the tried and true marketing principles illustrated in his book, “Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got.”, November 3, 2000, “Still No Agreement About Privacy”. Report from New York Fall Internet World-to profile or not to profile, that is the question., October 2, 2000, “Lessons on Exploitation From Playboy”. Playboy’s Christie Hefner speaks to Digital Hollywood on how to capitalize on a global brand on the Web., September 14, 2000, “Music’s Future Is Still In Debate” separates online music fact from online music fiction., July 17, 2000, “Entertainment Marketing Mavericks”, Advertising Age’s Second Annual Entertainment Marketer of the Year Awards., June 12, 2000 Special Report – “An Evening With Vint Cerf”

The Father of the Internet talks about where it’s all going., May 2, 2000  “Discussing Interactive TV’s Future”.
A group of professionals most influential in shaping the future of interactive television content gather in Hollywood for the first iMIX (Interactive Media Information eXchange) conference., April 10, 2000  “The First To Customer Relationship Wins” – Insights from the marketing track at Spring Internet World 2000, Los Angeles., March 20, 2000  “Great Minds Discuss The Internet’s Impact” – Nine Nobel Laureates Headline Milken Institute’s Global 2000 Conference To Address The Impact of Technology on The Changing Global Landscape.


Digitrends Quarterly Review, Special Entertainment Issue, January, 2000. “How the Web Can Set Direction for TV” – In-depth interview with John P. Roberts, VP New Media, FoxFamily Worldwide.

Digitrends Quarterly Review, Winter, 1999 edition “Heroic Online Branding”  – Exploring the Current and Future State of Interactive Marketing for the Entertainment Industry and Its Consumer Brand Partners,  July, 1999,  “After The Hype, What Now?” Marketing Track – Spring Internet World, 1999.

ZcommerceOnline, May, 1999, “Where Is The Online Game?” Hot Tips From Ice (Internet Commerce Expo)

Web Promote Weekly &,  November, 1998, @d:tech’s New York conference—Enabling Innovation and New Advertising Models.


Digitrends Quarterly Review, Premier Issue, September, 1998, Case Study: We’re Not In Kansas Anymore, Or Anyplace Else On Earth. (scroll down)
Site Review: Universal Studios Online Auction, April, 1998, Electronic Commerce: New Thinking, New Strategies, New Approach

Web Promote Weekly,  January, 1998, @d:tech West, The Convergence Conference Of Entertainment, Digital Marketing, Advertising And E-Commerce.