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FEBRUARY 2009, ExecutiveWomen2.0 was included in the 100 Best Leadership Blogs on the Web by

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At the vanguard of emerging technology, Elaine Palmer flew to her first Internet conference in San Jose California in 1994. Since then, she has counseled to both interactive and traditional media companies since the early 1990’s. She led the Call for Entries for the first National Information Infrastructure Awards for a think tank at the heart of institutional broadband networking in 1993. A pioneer from that point, Palmer brought emerging technology to the advertisers and client companies she knew well at that time.

Previously, an  award-winning Broadcast Producer at DDB New York, at its creative pinnacle, Ogilvy & Mather, Los Angeles, when Microsoft was a fledgling account and N.W.Ayer advertising agencies, Palmer produced advertising for such clients as Procter & Gamble, American Airlines, Bristol Myers and AT&T plus ground-breaking direct marketing shows for Nissan Motor Corporation and Dean Whitter/Discover Card.

Palmer is a skilled writer and published journalist known for tenaciously pursuing information, analyzing trends and explaining complex market issues for notable industry publications online and in print. She has written about and spoken on the subject of interactive marketing in the U.S. and abroad. Palmer holds a Bachelor of Science, cum laude from Boston University, College of Communications.

Now, a unique hybrid — industry analyst, strategist, developer, writer and marketing communications specialist, Elaine Palmer advises young professional women on career development and advancement skills and techniques.

A passionate agent-of-change, Palmer has served on Ad Women of New York’s Executive Committee  and as a contributing writer. She has served as Co-Chair of Women In Film’s New Media Council, Founding Advisory Board Member of Women of Los Angeles and the Women’s New Media Alliance. At the height of the Internet Boom, Palmer represented Women in Film on LA Mayor, Richard Riordan’s, Digital Coast Roundtable.  She is one of the original drafters of the first Internet Ethical Standards and Practices Manifesto for the Internet Developers Association.


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