Career Advancement Tip #85*



Investigate Growth Industries

What if your industry is dying…think newspapers! In that case you’re going to have to switch gears.

Don’t be caught flatfooted when it’s your turn. And trust me it will be. You’ll be constantly recareering -retraining and learning new skills that can move you over to other industries.  We all need to be predictive and proactive.

You can discover the future. The prospects are exciting. We will all be forced to create new ways to connect with the people we see, to understand their needs and the best ways to reach them.

When you get to the other side of scary, the prospects are challenging and very exciting.

What are YOU going to be learning about in your field?



Read more about this Tip in  *101 Ways to Find Work…And Keep Finding Work for the Rest of Your Career!  By “Dr. Chaz” Austin

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