Career Advancement Tip #63*

young woman thinking with pen while working studying at her desk


Your calling card could be an actual business card or even a flash drive with a portfolio of your work. Maybe it’s a pitch document you have memorized down to the bullet points. If you are attending networking events bring product samples, a bio, business cards and a place to put notes about the ones you might collect. And don’t forget your sense of humor.  You may meet up with an opportunity for advancing your agenda and you probably won’t. But you can meet lots of new people and pick up info about new products and trends in your industry and collect leads. You may not be looking for a new gig today but at some point you could be. Whether you’re networking for your employer’s product or service or for yourself, remember, the gold is in the follow up!

Read more about this Tip in  *101 Ways to Find Work…And Keep Finding Work for the Rest of Your Career!  By “Dr. Chaz” Austin

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