What Exactly Is Web 2.0? and What Makes This Blog a 2.0?

What EXACTLY is Web 2.0?
According to web marketer Jenn Lawlor, Web 2.0 is the evolution of the internet from a place of static web pages to an interactive community-focused series of platforms.

Here at ExecutiveWomen 2.0, we are exploring what’s happening for career women as the Internet and our place in the world rapidly and continually changes around us.  Essentially, an evolution of static monologs to an interactive community-focused series of  interactive dialogs. Many of us have reincarnated, if not held many titles and roles, simultaneously. Now, we find that having it all is no picnic and while tech nology has made certain aspects of our lives simpler,  as somone clever once said – it helps solve most of the problems it creates. So, this blog is here to perform some specific functions for we mistresses of the universe. We are here to share ideas of course, and we are here to coach each other, true.

However there is one other aspect of 2.0 aside from those that we can make work for us which is supplying each other with resources.

One very accomplished Hollywood producer I saw speak once said that we women complain all the time about not being given opportunity at
the top. Yet, when we do get it , how often do we reach back to help the other women behind us up? The time is now to loosen our grip on our
hard won achievements and know that we owe it to others and mostly to ourselves to bring other talented women to the conference table.

So, if you have a NEED leave it here.    And if you have resource, follow up with someone looking for you. Times are tough. Let’s get the opportunities
to the talented among us today!