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Published August 27, 2018

30 Hot Startups (that are hiring) 🔥

🏠 Disclosures.io is bringing transparency and efficiency to the real estate industry, with a single platform to help buyers, sellers, and brokers can quickly close deals. Hiring 3+ in San Francisco.

🌳 Grove Collaborative makes it easy to create a healthy environment at home, with exclusive eco-friendly cleaning products delivered directly to your front door. Hiring for 20+ positions in San Francisco.

📰 Morning Brew curates the best news through their daily newsletter. Hiring a Growth Marketer in New York City.

🎒 Pathrise is a career accelerator for students. Best part? It’s free until you’re hired. Just out of Y Combinator. Hiring for 7+ positions in San Francisco.

⚔️ Daisie is a new startup from Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones. They’re helping pull down the golden gates of entertainment so creatives around the world can connect. Hiring for 5+ positions in London.

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