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Reprinted from AngelList Weekly 9/21/2018

Listen: Online Communities & The Dark Side Of The Web + Check out 200+ retail-tech startups hiring now.

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In the second episode of Product Hunt Radio, Glitch CEO Anil Dash and Tech Ladies Founder Allison Esposito cover everything from the good ol’ days of AIM and MySpace to the challenges of building a healthy online community. Plus: What should a founder’s goal really be when trying to start one? Listen now.

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At These Hotels, Ways to Recharge Your Mind and Your Body

A new generation of hotels invite you to expand your mind with seminars and discussions as well as relax while you travel.

Women business leaders speak up and out

Since 2016 W Hotels has staged over 50 talks around the globe that highlight female entrepreneurs. Titled “What She Said,” the series has been held in predictable locations like New York City and Los Angeles — but also in Amman, Jordan, and Dubai, where gender equality is less pronounced and the topic is more controversial.

“It’s a way people can emotionally connect with our brand and feel more part of it,” said Anthony Ingham, W Hotel Group’s global brand leader.

Hotels are places to sleep, eat, socialize, relax and conduct business, but now properties around the world are taking on new roles as educators, facilitators of learning for both locals and visitors.

To do so, many hotels are turning to creative functions to strengthen their brand. They want consumers to know they can come to them for intelligent, stimulating, or progressive conversation.

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Title: The New Rules For Personal Branding

Duration: 59 minutes. Available On Demand

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Whether you’re looking for your next job, hoping to get recognized and promoted in your current company or seeking to build your business, your personal brand is your greatest asset – when you know how to build it. Getting clear on your brand and taking deliberate brand-building actions every day will amp up your success and happiness at work.

The Interview Thank You Note

Excerpted from Thank-You Letters That Win Jobs 
By Wendy S. Enelow, CCM, MRW, JCTC, CPRW

The letter acknowledges the time and consideration of the hiring manager, thanks him, and further expresses your client’s interest in the position.  Unfortunately, most (not all) of the other candidates will be doing exactly the same thing.

After the interview is no time to stop selling.  In fact, it is precisely the right time to continue selling – your clients’ unique skills, qualifications, accomplishments, credentials and more.

Highlight any of the following that may be appropriate to a specific interview situation:

  • If the hiring company shared some of their challenges with your client, relate how the client’s experience is tied directly to their current challenges and current needs.  Suppose they’re in the midst of a turnaround and market repositioning initiative.  Share your client’s past experiences in change management, reorganization and company revitalization, his achievements in reversing losses and delivering solid profit margins, his successes in productivity and quality improvement, and all the other things your client accomplished to facilitate successful turnarounds and improved financial performance.
  • If the hiring company shared a major problem that they were currently working to resolve, highlight how your client solved that same (or similar) problem before.  Imagine that the company is having to compete in a marketplace that they once owned.  Two years ago there was no competition.  Today, six companies are now competing for the same customer base.  Write a thank-you letter that shares your client’s past achievements in strengthening market position, expanding customer bases and outperforming competitors.
  • If the hiring company communicated an objection to hiring you (a reason why they were concerned about hiring him or her), respond to it in the thank-you letter.  For example, let’s say that they were concerned that you had never worked in Los Angeles, and therefore does not have any professional contacts in the area.  Use the thank-you letter to demonstrate that you previously entered new markets and immediately developed strong networks.  That’s one of the reasons you’ve been so successful in your previous positions.
  • Suppose there was something really important about your  experiences or qualifications that you forgot to mention during the interview.  The thank-you letter is precisely the tool to communicate those achievements, experiences, project highlights and qualifications.  Give the hiring committee the “ammo” they need to make the right hiring decision – YOU!
  • If there were no challenges, no problems, no objections and nothing that you forgot to mention during the interview, then use the thank-you letter to further highlight your specific accomplishments as they relate directly to the company and the position for which you are applying.  It may be that those items were discussed during the interview.  Use the thank-you letter to further expand on them and link them directly to the hiring company’s operations, current needs and future goals.